To take part in the consumer driven development of more appetizing foods

UGent SensoLab integrates both consumer
sensory research and instrumental techniques
to design and develop innovative food products

The course "Sensory Analysis" is integrated into the educational program for the Master of Bioscience Engineering: Food Science and Nutrition. Since businesses operate in a global, competitive environment, they constantly search for new markets and opportunities to launch new products. Therefore, the students are trained in modern consumer sensory evaluations practices and the use of analytical techniques aiming at reformulating or designing new food products. The content of the course is displayed on UGent website:

Official Opening of UGent SensoLab, 15 November 2007

Fundamental research:
  • Development of new methodologies for sensory evaluation - combining human senses with instrumental analysis
  • Impact of physiological changes on the perception of appearance, smell, taste, texture and flavor of foodstuffs
  • Investigation of micro-structural aspects of foodstuffs and their effect on perception of sensory characteristics
  • Understanding sensory preferences and healthy food choices

Applied research:
  • Product reformulation
  • Product development
  • Process optimization
  • Process development
  • Consumer acceptance
  • Food authenticity